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To start, we do deep discovery to understand what your business is today and where you want it to go. With that, we build pitch lists tailored to your goals. One size doesn’t fit all; our lists involve extensive research of media outlets and their contributors. Not only do we know the right audience to move you forward, but we can also create custom pitches that will pique their unique interests.

Pitch & Place


Getting the right exposure is not just a matter of blasting an alert into the media abyss. fifteen media knows what it takes to get premier placement and can help you get there, whether you’re a small business wanting to build brand awareness or a PR firm vying to catch the big fish for your clients.

In today’s noisy environment, it’s difficult to be heard without an engaging story. We know you have one – and we can help demonstrate to the relevant channels why it stands above the rest. With an understanding of what appeals to high-caliber media, we can craft a message they can’t ignore. And with your business goals in mind, we’ll create valuable pitch lists that get you results. Let us empower you with our breadth of media relationships.


Yes, we do workshops for groups of all sizes!

Are you small business getting off the ground or ready to grow?

fifteen media hosts media training workshops tailored to those with a great idea that just need help getting the word out. Let us help you build your brand awareness DIY-style, with professional tips you can’t just learn online.

Are you a PR firm wanting to provide extra training for your publicists?
How the media functions is ever-changing, and the way you get their attention evolves constantly. Whether your employees have been in the biz for 20+ years or are fresh out of college, we can help ensure their PR game is up to snuff.

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